Write some replies to topics

In the same way that you don’t have to be an internationally recognized author to review stories, you also don’t need to have built up a reputation to reply to discussion topics. Give your thoughts on the topics! Tell what you like, or dislike, or what you think on any of the discussions. This site is a large community of people, all arriving with their own unique backgrounds and life experiences and beliefs and desires. Your contribution to the discussions are needed.

Also, like there are no stupid questions, there are no stupid replies. Give it your best shot.

There will be, and are, plenty of disagreements on the discussion boards. Sometimes these disagreements are intense. That’s not only expected, but welcomed. If you’re never challenged, how will you grow? If no one provides pushback, how will you know you’re correct?

As long as the disagreements are not directed at an individual, the moderators are going to let the debates continue. If you reach a point that you just don’t want to discuss something further, post a reply saying such and move on. Agree to disagree is perfectly acceptable.

One thing to realize is that you may be offended by someone’s take on a subject. If so, well, get over it. As much as this is a safe, supportive environment, and it is, that doesn’t mean that we all have to agree. It simply means that everyone’s view is given consideration and if someone disagrees, they should explain why they disagree.

Engagement and discussion and disagreements and arguments are some of the ways we grow as writers. Don’t shy away, and don’t be offended. Jump into the discussions, argue for your point, and if needed, at some point walk away from the topic and find some other topic of interest. In the end, the topics and discussions are all meant so everyone on the site grows in their understanding of writing fiction.