Read a few Completed stories

Once a writer has incorporated suggestions for improvements and made their own improvements into a story, the writer posts the last version of the story as a Completed story. These stories can be found on the Completed Stories page.

Read through some of the stories to see the point where other writers deemed their stories finished. You may find places where the stories could still be improved. You’ll also notice that your enjoyment of the stories will vary from story to story, even stories written by the same author.

There are very good reasons for the different reactions you find to the stories. Some of the stories are going to resonate more due to your personal tastes. If you like Romance stories, an Action story filled with guns blazing and light character development is probably not going to give you much excitement. Authors also experiment with different story ideas and genres and so forth, and some of those experiments aren’t as successful as others.

Many times, though, authors simply reach a point where they determine that a story is “good enough” to publish and don’t want to spend more time and effort on the story. They feel such stories are worth publishing and are pleased with the final story but want to invest their time in other stories.

Professional writers always end up at this point with their stories. Even authors who have published huge numbers of stories in magazines and books can still list a handful of their favorite stories. We can interpret this list as meaning there are a very large number of stories that were worth publishing but are, in the author’s mind at least, of lesser quality.

When you are writing stories, the end goal is to publish each story in the Completed stories category. Not all stories will reach this stage; some stories become so troublesome that they are abandoned, and that’s not uncommon for any writer. However, if you are pleased with a story and feel it has obtained a state where investing any more effort will not increase its value, publish it as a Completed story.

There are a lot of members of this site looking forward to reading your Completed story!