Upload the new version of your story

You’ll use the same form for later revisions of your story as your original story. Don’t Edit the story, which is only used to adjust minor mistakes, like adding punctuation that was missed or finishing a sentence that was accidentally missed.

The new version is treated as a completely new story. Feel free to change the Intended Age(s) and Genre(s) if those have changed since your original story. You may use the same title and description if you’d like, or make changes to them as well.

You can choose whether this version is another Draft Story or a Completed Story. Some stories may only need slight revisions after the first draft and can go straight to Completed Story. Other stories may have more significant changes and you’ll want the same detailed feedback for the new version. In that case, classify the new version of the story as Draft and you can go through the process again.

One difference between this version of your story and the previous version is that this time, you’ll want to delete the original version. See the next lesson that covers deleting your previous versions.