Choose a story

Of your story ideas, which one touches you the most, or makes you think, or makes you smile, or is the most intriguing? A good clue as to which story should be your choice is how many notes it already contains. If a story has already started you thinking about ideas and directions and characters and such, it’s a good candidate for developing.

The choice of story isn’t all that important. You’re going to be writing a multitude of stories, some great, some messes, some that start strong but run into problems, and some that convince you that you’ve got what it takes. This is just the first in a long line of stories. Choose one that you have enough of a foundation that can be worked and developed a bit and go with that story.

It’s really not worth overthinking. You need to post your first story so whichever one seems the easiest to go from concept to posting is the one to start.