Post your story!

Posting your story is easy. There’s a form to fill out, then copy/paste your story, and you’re set. If you need help on any specific areas, see the Tutorials.

To begin, click the Submit Story selection in the top menu.

The page will open with a graphic at top. Scroll down to the form.

Add your story title and select the categories. Since this is your first story, use Draft category.

Enter a brief 1-2 sentence summary of your story. This summary is used with the title so members can quickly understand the story direction. If you don’t want to give away a twist or something unexpected, you’ll still need to supply a summary, but make it somewhat generic. Feel free to use a summary of the opening if you want to conceal the real thrust of the story.

Copy and paste the story from your Microsoft Word or Apple Pages or whichever application you’ve used to create the story.

Press the Submit button and you’re done. Congratulations!!! Posting your story to this website is more than 90% of writers ever achieve due to fear. You, though, are part of a safe, supportive environment and your fellow members are excited to see your first efforts.