Tutorial: Report a Review

If you find a review contains profanity or any other issues, report the story to the administration. Sometimes issues are simply mistakes, but at other times the author has violated site rules. All reports will be investigated. The review may be corrected by the author, or if a serious violation, the review will be deleted and the author’s membership may be suspended or cancelled, according to the discretion of the site administrator.

To report an issue, find the Report Content text at the end of the story.

A form will be created providing the title of the story as well as its specific ID number.

(The story in this example doesn’t actually contain objectionable material.)

Add a title to your report that provides a summary of your objection.

Since reviews can be lengthy, please identify the category where the objectionable material is located so the issue can be quickly found and action taken.

While we attempt to change the status of any objectionable review as soon as possible, removing it from public view, be aware that there may be a delay before the status is changed. (Automatic changing of status is in work by our development team.)

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