Full Engagement


Higher Thinking

Teaching to Write Fiction

Writing Fiction Prepares Your Child for Success in Life

Writing fiction can be a powerful tool in preparing your child for success in life as it nurtures a wide range of valuable skills and building character.

Writing is the Culmination of All of the Critical Thinking Skills

Writing fiction is a complex process that integrates and utilizes a wide range of critical thinking skills.

Excel at Higher Level Thinking through Writing Fiction

Writing fiction is a powerful tool for enhancing higher-level thinking, which encompasses critical, creative, and reflective skills.

Writing Fiction Prepares You for a Fuller, More Meaningful Life

Writing fiction engages and increases your empathy, creativity, problem solving, and so many other aspects, leading you to living a more meaningful life.

Television is passive. Reading is active. Writing is fully engaging.

In writing fiction, we are using all of our emotions and memories and logic and analysis and so many other facets of who we truly are.

Fiction is not Essays

Fiction has a different purpose than essays. It has much deeper meaning.

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