Give and Receive Feedback

In a world where criticism can be harsh and insulting, writers need a place where they can receive meaningful, detailed feedback in a safe, encouraging environment. Create Great Stories is designed to provide a writer with the feedback they need to grow while also providing acknowledgement of the good points of their stories.

One of the biggest obstacles to becoming a writer is the fear that their works will be denigrated. No one relishes their creative works being attacked. On the other hand, without constructive criticism, a writer cannot grow. All creative people know the difference between simplistic platitudes and honest appreciation. This site encourages both aspects for every review.

Each story provides guidance to a reviewer to provide detailed feedback to the writer in specific areas. The feedback areas include:

  • Plot
  • Character
  • Emotional impact
  • Setting
  • Grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Dialogue
  • Other comments
  • Overall impression

Writers are strongly encouraged to provide feedback about stories to other writers. By seriously considering aspects of other writers’ stories, a writer confronts their own likes and efforts. Seeing an uninteresting character, for example, makes the writer question if a character in their own story also needs more development and interest. By providing feedback, writers become more deeply invested in their own writing. Both the reviewer and the writer become aware of places to improve.

Of particular benefit, Create Great Stories allows writers to receive feedback from their peers. The fact is, most people value the opinions of their peers above teachers and experts. By giving a wide audience to their stories and receiving feedback from a large group of fellow writers, a writer trusts the judgement of the reviewer. When that judgement is rewarded with encouragement and details for improvement, the writer gains confidence both in their writing, and even in themselves for producing works worthy of feedback.

The cycle of writing, receiving feedback, creating feedback and improving stories can move a writer to new levels of quality and then excellence.

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