Great twist ending!

Review written by: [get_author]

Published on: Friday, August 12, 2022 @ 12:17:38 pm

Plot Review:

The plot was interesting. I'm glad it wasn't longer because it would get lost if it kept inside the room much longer.

Character Development:

A bit more detail for each of the characters would help. They seem a bit cardboard. They don't need full development, but add some things to hint at deeper complexity or higher emotion.


Just some more details about the room (was there a two-way mirror? is someone behind it?). Describe where he was caught more as well.

Grammar, punctuation, etc.:

Didn't see any issues here.


The dialogue is good but could use even more tension. Perhaps some sly humor like making fun of the prisoner?

Other comments:

Love the length and the ending.

Overall view of story:

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