Bot War or Human War?

Review written by: [get_author]

Published on: Monday, July 18, 2022 @ 10:11:46 pm

Plot Review:

I like the setup a lot. I got a bit confused about who's directing the fighting – are the bots/decimators/disarmers fighting autonomously or being directed by humans? The background looks intriguing; it's an interesting mixture of war and curren

Character Development:


The setting looks very descriptive so far. Lots of different aspects and technologies and combatants.

Grammar, punctuation, etc.:


Other comments:

Not sure if the Disarmer motivation is strong enough. Peace sounds good but every country still prepares for war, and I can see countries using Disarmers mostly to disarm their opponents before attacking. Who decides which countries are "trusted&quot

Overall view of story:

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