Age isn’t a hindrance for the Holy Spirit to use

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Published on: Thursday, November 10, 2022 @ 12:01:57 pm

Plot Review:

I liked how it jumped right into the story and filled in background later. The pieces flowed together in a good progression.

Character Development:

Could use more details. Cedrick is good but could use more emotion. The couple need more rounding, perhaps by using more dialogue.


Setting is a bit sparse. Give us a feel for the beach and sand and water and temperature to make us feel like we're in a specific place instead of generic.

Grammar, punctuation, etc.:

The grammar and punctuation were fine.


The dialogue is clear. I would suggest you give all three more personality with idioms or other things to distinguish their characters.

Other comments:

The story flow and idea are solid and original.

Overall view of story:

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