The Dragon and the Princess



A stalemate of sorts had arisen between the kingdom castle and the dragon that lived nearby. How the two had ended up in such close proximity had been forgotten over time, but the situation was tenuous. Every year or two, some knight would show up at the castle demanding to free the kingdom from the dragon. Each time, the knight would walk between two crowds of cheering people with banners waving, making his way up down the mountain perch of the castle and up the road on the next mountain that led to the dragon’s lair. Once the knight had left, the people went back to their normal activities, knowing that the dragon would make short work of the knight.

Sure enough, after a few hours, the dragon would drop a wounded knight on the ground in front of the castle. The dragon would then go steal a few horses or cattle instead of his usual sheep. The castle doctor would take in the knight and mend him. The king would reimburse whoever owned the horses or cattle and life would go on as normal. The shepherds were not reimbursed for their losses but as the dragon only ate about one sheep a month and selected sheep from different pastures each time, the loss of sheep was just considered the cost of business.

The Dragon Tchekrida:

“I’ve had it with these worthless knights!” shouted the dragon to himself after dispatching the latest knight. He took another bite of the leg of a cow after cooking it with his fire breath. “I keep thinking that the king will get it through his thick skull that none of the knights are even a challenge. You’d think the people would be tired of having to patch up these knights after I get finished with them but no, they just keep coming. I guess I could actually finish one off, but it seems a waste. I mean, dunderheads that they are, they’re at least brave.


The great dragon decided he couldn’t just sit around the fire and complain. He had to do something about these infernal knights. It was while he was pondering on what to do that he was struck with an idea. The knights wouldn’t stop until they thought he was dead. Well, maybe he should just die then. He could fake his death. Sure, he’d have to keep out of sight but that wouldn’t be so bad. He could go grab sheep at night and even grab the occasional cow when one wandered too far from the herd. He could toss the bones somewhere and the people would blame the wolves.

But how to get a knight to come to the lair and not take his gold? The knight would want some kind of reward after killing a ferocious dragon and would likely think of the gold before too long.

A princess! If the knight rescued a princess, he would get a handsome reward from the king, perhaps even get to marry the princess and become king himself one day. By the time he remembered the dragon’s gold, which would be a long time since knights can only think of one thing at a time, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble to go traipsing up the mountain in search of the gold. And if someone finally did think of the gold, at least he would have bought some time to be free of the knights.

The dragon began to draw up a plan. He’d seen the eldest princess on the patio of the castle on many nights. As the castle jutted out from the side of a mountain, it wouldn’t be difficult to sweep up the side of the castle, grab the princess, and fly away before any guards could shoot at him. Not that it would be that big a deal if they did sling their puny arrows at him, but why chance it?

The dragon sat down to make his last preparations.

The Dragon Tchekrida:

I need to be very careful grabbing this princess. These humans are so fragile. I’d hate to break her. It would be a lot of bother to go get another one, especially since most of them hide out indoors. I guess I could always go grab a worker out in the fields but those women are much more feisty. They fight back. I might get poked in the eye or get a scythe stuck in between my claws. Besides, who knows if the king would even care if I took one?
Nope, much better to be gentle with the princess and get her back to my place in one piece instead of squishing her and getting goop all over.


Sisred, eldest daughter of King Peranda, strolled along the veranda of the castle overlooking the town below. She was slowly plucking petals from a small bouquet of flowers, watching each one descend to her feat. The air was still in this early evening, with the sun just setting over the hills in the distance. The guards in the tower stations were enjoying their nightly tea. Sisred was outside most nights, and with the veranda built above 50 foot castle walls, there was little possibility she could be in any danger.
If the guards had been paying closer attention, they would have heard the whooshing sound coming from behind the castle. Slowly, an enormous multi-colored dragon was ascending towards the top of the castle. The giant beast arced his flight over the castle and then, in an expertly handled maneuver, swept in and yanked Sisred into his talons.
Once in his grasp, the dragon let out a bellow followed by a flash of fire. The guards pulled up their crossbows but seeing Sisred in his talons, knew they could not fire without endangering her. They screamed at the dragon to let her go and to come fight honorably but the dragon just laughed.
“Send your finest knight to my lair! If you want fair maiden back, prepare thy selves with your finest weapons. I await the fight!” He then laughed, and with surprisingly fast thrusts of wings, disappeared into the twilight.

Princess Sisred:

Oh, what a magnificent dragon picked me up today! It was as if he emerged from the depths of legend and lore as he swept up from behind the castle walls. With eyes as radiant as the dawn and wings that embraced the sky, he exuded an aura of power and grace that stirred my soul. In that moment, as I gazed into the depths of his golden eyes, I felt a connection that transcended time and space—a connection forged by destiny’s hand. His scales reflected the iridescent rays of twilight and I found myself enthralled in this enchanting dance before the early stars. His deep, dark, ebony talons embraced me like a silky bedsheet. With a tender touch, he lifted me from the earth, cradling me in his embrace with a strength both gentle and unwavering. We glided up into the air on gossamer wisps as his wings caressed the air in our ascent. As we ascended into the vast expanse of the night, I surrendered to the exhilarating rush of flight, my heart soaring alongside the beating of his mighty wings.
In the embrace of his talons, I felt a sense of belonging that I had never known—a sense of completeness that whispered of a love written in the stars. And as we journeyed through the boundless expanse of the heavens, I knew that I had found not only a companion, but a kindred spirit with whom to share the wonders of a love that defied all odds.
I can already tell that this gentle soul has so longed for a woman’s company that he could no longer resist. That he chose me lifts my heart to the heavens. I cannot wait until we get a chance to recite poetry to each other. His is truly a kindred heart and I know we will be closest friends so very soon.

The Dragon Tchekrida:

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